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Family Theaters, Puppet Theater of Holiday Settlements, Karel Novák Theater

The story of the puppet theatres continues on the first floor where little family theatres, combining the worlds of children and adults, become a new phenomenon on the imaginary time axis. A specific role in the history was played by the Puppet Theatre of Holiday Settlements where the association making contributions to summer holidays for poor children and the strolling theatre of Karel Novák joined their forces and the theatre settled permanently in Pilsen. The theatre was operated in the years 1913 - 35, and it was just this stage where the puppets of Spejbl and Hurvínek appeared for the first time. The Theatre of Karel Novák was reconstructed and mechanized for the Museum’s exposition to make it possible for visitors to perceive the atmosphere of the theatre at the time of its greatest fame.

That the rich puppet tradition in Pilsen has not died the visitors can satisfy themselves in the room devoted to the ensembles of the present and recent periods. The ensembles represented in the Museum are Špalíček, V Boudě, Střípek, Rámus and Divadélko dobrý den.

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