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90 Years of Puppet Theater "V Boudě"

date: April 6 - May 28, 2018
venue: Puppet Museum in Pilsen

This year, the Puppet Museum in Pilsen has prepared an exhibition dedicated to one of the longest-running puppet theaters on the Pilsen stage - Puppet Theater "V Boudě".

However, the exhibition, which maps ninety years of this and beyond, is also an invitation to a performance that “Bouda” regularly plays in the M-Club, where it has moved from a former makeshift wooden chalet in Bory, where it has spent over forty years. However, at this year's exhibition it will be possible to see puppets who still remember the spaces that gave the theater its name and entertained generations of viewers. The new exhibition will be on display at the Puppet Museum from 6 April to 28 May 2018.