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Josef Skupa - Miracles every day

date: April 27 - December 31, 2017
venue: Puppet Museum in Pilsen

The exhibition dedicated to the personality of Josef Skupa presents visitors with an artistic journey of a prominent Czech puppeteer, who was able to defend a specific theatrical type not only from viewers but mainly from viewers.

However, the exhibition, which is sensitively interconnected with the existing expositions of the Puppet Museum, is not a mere probe into the artist's life. In the expositions, the visitor gets acquainted with puppets, which under the leadership of Josef Skupa, in the difficult times of the Czech nation, managed to dispel the dense atmosphere of everyday life, with some even in its original state. The visitor can watch the signature of the time on the original puppets and compare it with the visual aspect of the same old puppets, which, however, went through the restorers' hands. Not one of the greatest gifts that Skupa has received by nature has been forgotten, his voice fund. The exhibition, which is naturally complemented by audio recordings, in the form of a small model of theater puts interested parties in the role of Skupa himself, who should manage not only the manipulation of the puppets themselves, but also master the demanding transition from one end of the voices to the other. However, the concept of the exhibition did not grow only with the artist's life. Thanks to his influence on the younger generation of actors, it is possible to come to the present in the spirit of Josef Skupa.