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Puppet Laboratory I.

date: January 31 - March 16, 2019
venue: Museum of South Pilsen in Blovice

An exhibition presenting the works of students of the Blovice Grammar School in cooperation with the Puppet Museum in Pilsen (branch of the West Bohemian Museum), UWB in Pilsen and the Museum of the South Pilsen Region in Blovice.

Puppet Lab is a project in which students of the 2nd year of the eight-year study cycle from Blovice Grammar School obtained theoretical and practical information about a specific theater type, which is a puppet theater. The project had several parts and began at the Puppets Museum in Pilsen, where students met with the history of puppet theater in a historical-cultural context, learned what a puppet could be, and also tried any theatrical role in thematic and appropriately equipped environments. The journey to discovery continued through the professional puppet theater Alfa, in which they not only watched, but also evaluated and commented on the puppet show. Subsequently, they looked into the space behind the theater, where, under the guidance of experienced artists, they gained insight into various gaming techniques, special puppet types and, last but not least, the puppet duties. Then all the activities moved directly to the school ground, where the students, under the supervision of the lecturers, embarked on the production of their own puppets with all its essentials. Their own work on the theme "Alien Planet, which may seem like ours", is the subject of a joint exhibition with puppets by Augustin Klášterka at the Museum of the South Pilsen Region in Blovice.