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Puppet Memory - The Story of the City of Pilsen

City Geocaching Guide.

Adventure wandering through the history of Pilsen with puppet guides. Find the treasure at the end of the road!

Cache Memory of the Puppet - The Story of the City of Pilsen - maps the famous moments from the history of the city of Pilsen from its foundation to the present and presents authentic places that were the scene of these important events. Storytellers have become puppets that have told thousands of different stories in their puppet life, but now Pilsen is a stage and a drama for Pilsen.

The journey takes you to different parts of the city. Puppets are always photographed in front of an object, indoors, or in an environment that will help you answer the question. Each question (photo) is then linked to one question, with one answer being correctly answered. The indications will lead you to the treasure. The order of collecting the indicia is completely arbitrary; The whole journey, from the starting coordinates through all the stops, the final and the return to the starting coordinates, measures about 18 km at optimum progress. But do not worry, the most stop is in the city center, where you walk about 3.5 km. Outside the center there are three stops and the final, which is located within 4 km from the starting coordinates, ie the Puppet Museum in Pilsen. You can get to the remote stops by public transport.

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